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Welcome to The Terrible TV and Web Shows Wiki Edit

Welcome to the true legitimate successor of the now gone Terrible TV Shows Wiki. There we talked about everything from the worst television shows, to the worst web series to even terrible moments in entertainment history.

Rules and GuidelinesEdit

  1. The main heading for this wiki is Why It Sucks.
  2. Unlike the now dead Terrible TV Shows Wiki, show bashing is welcome but only on this wiki as long as you don't make violent threats against the people behind the show.
  3. Reasons for deleted comments are harrassing other users, the comment makes no sense, contains SJW/feminazi propaganda (which also nets a permanent ban) or using the "It's Made for Kids" Excuse to defend a bad kid's show.
  4. Harrassing other users is not acceptable. Exceptions are permanently banned users, account disabled users (i.e. Molemann 9000) non-users, terrible celebrities, lolcows and SJWs and feminazies.
  5. Web reviewers are not acceptable unless they have an extremley poor reputation like Anita Sarkeesian or the Irate Gamer. 
  6. Only user ratings from or imdb are acceptable sources as well as trustworthy web reviewers. Game Journalists aren't the only critics that can be corrupted.
  7. Removing information (unless if they are TBD) or vandalizing articles will net a permanent ban.
  8. In case of drama invloving one of the reviews we know, we will add a disclaimer stating that were are neutral to the drama.

Latest ActivityEdit

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